About Me

Hello and welcome! 


I’m so grateful for you to be here. 


I created this online space to share my knowledge and personal experience with people who want to learn and feel inspired.


Even though are we are all connected,  and made of the same stuff, we all have different backgrounds, different upbringings, have made different choices and created different opportunities which have led us to where we are right now.  


And just like you, I have a story.


I used to not be well. 


I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and used starvation as a way to control my emotions and numb my inner pain. As a result, developed anorexia as a teenager.


This journey is an entirely different story and project in an of itself!  Read more about that here


As part of my recovery, my health became my number one priority.  When I made a commitment to get better, I knew I needed to educate myself in order to truly heal and nourish my mind and body. I dove deep into the world of health science and immersed myself into everything I could get my hands on. As my knowledge grew, so did my passion.


And I knew needed to do something with it. 


To make a difference.


I wanted to help create awareness around health and help spread the importance of nourishment of the mind and body through good nutrition, regular movement and a positive mindset. To teach people that health and wellness is not about counting calories or going on a diet, it is about embarking on a lifelong journey to a better lifestyle.


 I knew that if people knew better, they would do better.  And that’s where I found my calling, my purpose in life. To educate, inspire and help people like you reach your health potential.


 So here it is…  Everything I’ve learned, experimented with and experienced along my journey is shared on here, for you.


I hope you can find something to learn, take away and apply so you can inspire, empower and better yourself and those around you. 


With love, health and happiness, 


Rosie x