Get Saucey with these Healthy Condiments

Get Saucey with these Healthy Condiments


I am obsessed.

More than obsessed.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about the sauces and connies.

In my mind, less is definitely not more.

More is more.

The more the better.

On one condition… they are healthy.  Because so often they aren’t.

Most condiments we buy today are loaded with sugar, chemicals and crap. Dressings, relishes, jams and sauces can sabotage a relatively healthy meal, and most people have no idea.


Take Sweet Chilli sauce for example. Two tablespoons contains 19 grams of sugar. That’s nearly 4 teaspoons of sugar! I can’t even deal.


I’ve taken the hard work out of finding taste worthy connies that your buds and bod will love…


HummusStore brought often contains added crap. Make your own. Blend chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, tahini and salt and pepper


TahiniSuper high in calcium. Perfect for those who can’t do peanuts


Homemade pestoWhiz up some fresh herbs, olive oil, pine nuts and lemon juice


WasabiNot just for sushi. Add to stir fry sauces and marinades. Also add to mayo


AnchoviesPacked full of omega 3 fatty acids to support brain health


Peanut butter –  Why wouldn’t you? Everything tastes better with PB


MustardDijon, wholegrain, hot English. What ever tickles your buds


Olive tapenadeJust because


My Green Goddess dressing – The name says it all


HarissaPacks a spicy punch to your dish. 


Miso pasteIt’s fermented, so great for your gut!


DukkahPerfect to add to salads for garnish, flavour and texture


TamariWheat free soy sauce. Great for those avoiding gluten


Homemade jus or gravyKey essential to a roast


SauerkrautFull of probiotics, great to support your gut. Make your own, or pimp up your jar of store bought.


Kim ChiSmilar to ‘kraut but a traditional Korean version. Super spicy, slimey and garlic’y. You either love it or you hate it.


Homemade chilli oil – Mix some dried chilli flakes with sesame oil and Chinese black vinegar


Apple cider vinegarAlkalising in the body. A healthier option than other cooking vinegars


Pickles – Gherkins, onions… Anything pickled = delicious. Funnily enough, the best pickles in the entire universe can be found inside a big Mac


GuacamoleI have a killer recipe here


Good old fashioned mayoMade with free range egg yolk, salt, lemon juice, olive oil


Fresh tomato salsaFinely chopped cherry toms, red onion, cucumber, coriander


Full Fat Greek YoghurtThe full fat version contains all of the fat soluble vitamins D, A, E & K, plus tastes a whole lot better! 


Coconut TzatzikiThis. Is. To. Die. For…. Whipped coconut cream, lemon juice, finely diced cucumber, sea salt


Coconut sambalDried coconut flakes soaked in fresh lime juice, sea salt, kaffir lime leaves and fresh chilli. The best condiment to a curry

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