Vitamin Love

Vitamin Love

‘All you need is love. Love is all you need’ John Lennon


It’s true. Love is one of the most important nutrients we as humans need to survive. We are hard wired for connection and intimacy, and without love we simply cannot survive, let alone thrive. It’s built into our DNA and is wired into our primal core.

So what’s love got to do with your relationship with food and your body?

Well, a lot actually. In fact, it’s everything.

You see, when we have negative thoughts and emotions about the way we see ourselves and our sense of self worth, it’s stemming from a lack of love. Whether its love from others, or love for ourselves. And it can be excruciatingly painful.

Just like when we are deprived of necessities for our survival such as oxygen and water, our body signals physiological distress and we feel a sense of discomfort, anxiety and panic. And this also happens deep within our psyches when we are lacking love.

When we don’t get the love and connection we crave, we look for ways to find relief from the inner pain and reach for something to bring us comfort. And so often our primary response is to control this through food and disordered eating bahviours.

So why food? Because it’s readily available, it’s abundant and it brings us instant pleasure and gratification. It’s the perfect metaphor to substitute for the lack of love that we feel.

The good news is Love heals. Love wins.  And we can apply this by…

Choosing to see Food as Love


Back then, I felt unloved. Both within myself and externally. And I needed to validate my false belief by starving myself of love, and I did this through food. Avoiding it all together. As part of my healing process, I chose to see food as Love.

I still live by this now. Every time I eat, it’s an act of self love.

It’s filling myself up with love. Cooking food for people I love, is an act of love.  Sometimes during times of stress, I lose my appetite and don’t feel like eating. But bringing myself back to this belief and being aware of this quickly reminds me back to what’s important. It’s taking emotional responsibility and looking after myself and supporting myself physically and emotionally during adversity. 


Start to make food with Love…

‘It’s more intimate. Food can connect people in a forever sort of way’  -Giada De Laurentiis

One of the most important nutrients we can add to our diet is Vitamin Love. And this is all through your mindset and intention around food and eating.

The simplicity of applying this idea has a profound effect on a meal or eating experience. There’s something about a meal made with love. You can taste and feel the difference. A meal without love is lifeless and shallow. Love is the special ingredient added to food to make everything taste so much better. It’s the element we bring to the table that makes cooking more than just a science, it becomes an act of love, pleasure and connection for ourselves and our loved ones.

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